Begin At Home


Our family would like to encourage all to take a closer look at recycling "at HOME".

The key is to start where "we live".
    • Get the family involved.
    • Organize bins inside the home or in the garage
    • Recycle items in the community
    • Encourage relatives, neighbors and others in your community to recycle

Just as eating is part of one's lifestyle
    • Recycling can also be part of one's lifestyle


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ReUse it
    • If it can't be recycled can it be "reused" by someone?
    • Donate to a charity that can resell the item
    • Give it to someone who can use it
    • Sell it  at a garage or community sale

If it can't be "recycled" or "reused" then what? Time to rethink.
    • Can it be taken back to the store
    • Send it back to the manufacture
    • Find someone who may take the product and break it down, to have the parts reused.
    • Local " waste management" can most likely help with this
    • ReThink future purchases
    • Consider the life expectancy of the purchase
    • Is it made from a recycled item?
    • Can it be recycled?
    • Can it be recused?
    • Can it be taken back when you are done with it?

Consider being a "wise consumer"
    • Not only in how you spend your earnings
    • Also how the resources of your planet are consumed


If you took all your money out of your bank account there would be nothing left! The same holds true regarding the resources of our planet. If nothing is given back, the bank will be empty!